Rebar Estimation


The construction industry similar to any other industry follows the economy, and as the economic dip continues, any recovery in construction looks far off. Thus, the projects that are available for bidding have become rarer and more competitive as companies look to provide work for their personnel and maintain the sustainable income. Rebar estimation forms an important part of the services offered by MDS Rebar to all esteemed clients. We produce precise and steadfast estimates for bidding after thoroughly understanding the requirements of our clients. As an input from the clients, we take the structural GA drawings and the Reinforcement Detailing Instructions. After this, our expert team work out for each bar taking the weight and provide a summary of the tonnage for the entire job. Our output to the client is an Estimation Take off Report, prepared in an excel document that is sufficiently accurate for bidding purposes. .xls/.pdf copy would be sent to the client.

We provide a separate breakdown for every item you need to put a price on.

  • Column footings, Continuous Footings,
  • Elevator Pits, Ejector Pits,
  • One Face Walls, Two-Face Walls,
  • Slab on Grades with specified Reinforcing, Haunches
  • Beam Pockets
  • Reinforcing Steel Lbs having the Black and Epoxy bars separate
  • Slab, Beams, Columns, Shear Walls
  • CMU Walls
  • Staircase


  • Residential & Commercial High Rise Buildings
  • Parking Structures
  • Recreation Centres
  • Industrial & Power Plant Structures
  • Flyovers & Multiplexes
  • High Rise Hotels


Rebar estimation process is executed by our specialists who study a set of contract drawings and specifications, and with the knowledge, they possess of construction and reinforcing bars, they can develop a list of quantities of material which they believe are needed to build the structure under consideration. From this information, our experts develop the required pricing, which can be used as a bid to be submitted to the general contractor. It’s vital that the contract drawings and specifications provide complete detailed information about the reinforcing bars. The estimate is nothing but a line-by-line take-off and the entire details will generally ensure a more precise estimate. When the estimator needs to guess and make assumptions, there could be a compromise on the estimate’s quality. A sensible estimator will tend to figure quantities on the safe side when there is a question of what is actually required. Of course, this can increase the amount of the material quotation. Another option the estimator has is to get in touch with the architect or engineer and attempt to clarify that which is unclear. This can be a really trying experience as answers are not always impending. The estimator generally works under a tight guideline and need to carry on and finish the estimation process. Of course, there is a way to which the bid can be qualified and limited to the assumptions made, but this can lead to the bid being rejected as being nonresponsive. One feature of preparing quantity estimates for fabricated reinforcing bars is the way in which charges for extras might be added to the base price. The principal extras are for size, grade, quantity, and branding.

MDS Rebar’s prowess relies on its consistency for delivering high quality, precise estimation addressing the entire scope of any type of project. Further, our ability and proficiency let us meet stiff targets without any strain and make completion of large projects a reality within a specified time. By having an outstanding rebar estimation team, we are able to deliver every project hassle free and on time.